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Our customers describe the benefits of using Chimal Skin Shield much better than we could. However the letters can be somewhat confusing because they reference several products including Chimal, Chimal Skin Shield, Skin Shield, Star Lee Skin Shield, etc. They are all basically the same product. The difference being that Chimal Skin Shield has a silicone base and Star Lee Skin Shield has a polymer base. Both products use the same formula, except for the base, and are, in theory, identical. The Star Lee line was developed at the request of General Motors for their painting assembly line and is primarily a industrial product.

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I am writing in regards to the skin shield product we have been using. Individuals have reported improvement in their hands even to the point of complete healing of the redness of continual hand washing. Some departments refuse to be without the skin shield.

There are a quantity of articles about the irritation of washing and glove use. I have seen first hand that the skin shield product has reduced the contact dermatitis caused by continuous glove use by the individuals that have used this product.

Linda Sullivan
Warner Robins, Georgia

Mr. Frank Dixon spoke with my office manager and left a sample of Starlee Skin Shield for the office use and evaluation. The skin cream was used approximately one month in our office. It provided excellent penetration of the hands and cuticles which kept skin more supple and helped in protecting the hands during frequent washings and application of rubber gloves. The cream kept my hands moist and possessed a pleasant odor. The cream was applied twice daily as per instructions.

I also used the cream when working at home in the ground. It kept the dirt from penetrating the cracks and crevices of my hands thus protecting them clean and stain free to provide health care to my patients.

Bruce E. Shaver, DDS, MS
Warner Robins, Georgia

In the health care field our utmost concern is the safety and well being of the staff. I had spoken with our purchasing director and we were looking for a product that would meet the guidelines and regulations for JCAHO, Medicare and OSCH to protect our staff from harmful infectious diseases and organisms. Ms. Porter had approached her regarding your product and stated also that it had been found to help latex sensitive people, thus reducing the cost of expensive gloves to be used rather than latex. I had just such an employee who was latex sensitive.

Ms. Porter furnished us with three small bottles for a trial period. An R.N., L.P.N. and a Home Care Aide used the product. The R.N. had very dry/cracked skin and in one day the Skin Shield was making a difference. Her comment “If you do not decide to furnish this product for the staff, I want to buy some on my own. It’s helping my hands tremendously.” The L.P.N. found it to be very soothing and had less irritation from the many hand washes. She also wanted to know how she could purchase the lotion on her own.

The Aide was the employee who was latex sensitive and even with purchasing the non-latex gloves and powderless, she had dry/cracked skin on her hands and especially around her finger tips and nails. With the first application she could wear latex gloves with no reaction and has continued to use the skin shield with no reaction to latex and her hands have improved.

Therefore after the one week trial use and observing the results, we purchased the product for the entire staff to use and have had many positive comments. Thus, we have finally found the product that met all the necessary regulations and made us feel good that we were providing a product to protect the employees and keep them safe and healthy.

Thank you for your research and development of a protection barrier for the health care worker.

Helen Maxey, R.N.
Manager, OMH Home Health
Okmulgee. Oklahoma

In addition to wearing Latex gloves for extended periods of time, the nursing staff of Fredericksburg Ambulatory Surgery Center must wash their hands many times a day. The continuos exposure to glove powder, soaps and water has caused hands and arms to become chapped and irritated. Numerous lotions, ointments, etc. were tried to counteract this abuse to the skin.
Two weeks ago we obtained our first can of Starlee Skin Shield for an evaluation. The results have been astounding. Almost overnight there was a noticeable difference in skin turgour. With continued use, your product has had an unparalleled impact upon even the most abused skin Be assured we will be stocking this product in the future. An order will be forth coming for the large containers which have their individual dispenser.

Thank you for providing the solution to an age old problem.

Jean D. Bullock, R.N.,CNOR
Director of Operations
Same Day Surgery
Idaho Falls, Idaho

Just wanted to let you in on an experience that we had with your new skin shield product. Our agency has nurses who deliver skilled nursing care to individuals across the state of Oklahoma. The other day, our supply clerk asked if he could make a trip to our sister agency to pick up a case of skin protectant. We had a nurse waiting to see a patient who was suffering from incontinence and needed wound care. Fortunately, you had just been in the office and introduced me to the Chimal Skin Shield. I thought, “Why not?” and handed the nurse my bottle of Chimal.

Four days past and I never thought twice about the incident. Later that day however the same nurse came back into my office and told me that the Chimal product had actually started the decubitus wound to heal! I could not believe it. In the past, with other products, we had been somewhat unsuccessful in wound healing due to the acidity of the urine. The Chimal worked magnificently. I now use the product daily myself and have found that my hands look and feel better than ever before.

I hope that very soon this product becomes available in our market. I think that the results speak for themselves. Thanks again.

James Garner
Agency Administrator
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I am sending this note to let you know just how pleased we are with your SKIN SHIELD. It’s not often that I take the time to do this, but it’s also not often a product works so well. With SKIN SHIELD being so new to our area, I thought you and your company would like to put on record our high approval. We work with plastisol inks that are designed to be permanent wherever they land; your SKIN SHIELD certainly makes the clean-up of those places on us where its not supposed to land so much easier, and even leaves a soft conditioner-like feel to our hands. In other words, make sure we stay on your sales route!

Maria Lewis, owner
August Moon Creations
Warner Robins, Georgia

My husband & I run a small fiberglass mfg. company in Checotah,0K. We have been around the fiberglass industry for about 27 years straight and have tried various barrier creams, home remedies and everything you could think of to discourage or prevent the measle rash and itching. As we all know in the fiberglass industry it just goes along with the trade. Well, not anymore. Your product, Chimal (skin shield) works beyond our expectation. It not only prevents the measle rash, the itching and the needle feeling at night, but it also took a young man who was broke out before using Chimal to healed up and no more rash. I myself work directly out in the plant and I used Chimal on one exposed arm and nothing on the other, by noon the unshielded arm was broke out in a measle rash & itching, the Chimal arm was clear. We hope you continue making this product so we can continue to use it. Anyone in the fiberglass industry knows that their biggest complaint is finding good employees. Well, Chimal has enabled us to keep more good employees because it eliminated the irritant. Thank you again for such a great product.

Pamela S. Parks
Co-Owner,BLUE WAVE Boat Builders
Checotah, Oklahoma

I am writing this letter in reference to your product, CHIMAL skin shield. I have been testing it for several weeks now and the results are truly amazing.

I have been in the paint business for over twenty years, during that time, my hands have been exposed to almost every harsh substance in out industry, mineral spirits, lacquer thinner and nearly all oil / latex based paints available. These have always left my hands chapped and irritated, leading to dry painful skin that cracked and split. Until I found your product, I had thought it was just part of the job.

Now I use it daily and my hands have never felt or looked better. Mineral spirits and lacquer thinner clean easily from my hands with just water, without leaving the white dry film and the dry skin often related with these chemicals. It is very obvious to me the product is protecting my hands.

I endorse CHIMAL skin shield and recommend it for any and all in the paint business, or in fact, anyone that is associated with the use of caustic chemical compounds.

Larry G. Wallace
Owner, D/FW Painting Company
Keller. Texas

I just had to write and thank you for introducing me to Skin Shield. I work with a crew that clears brush and timber from power lines in the mountains around Portland. Everyday, we are exposed to poisonous plants. If you´ve ever suffered with poison ivy or oak, you know how miserable it can make your life. Imagine being exposed to them all day every day. All we could do was cover as much of our bodies as possible with heavy clothing making it miserably hot in the summer. Still, we suffered tremendously from the poisonous plants.
When you told me about Skin Shield, I knew it was too good to be true, at least in our line of work, but I had to try it. I told the guys on the crew about it and we all put it on our hands and arms. I offered to test it out in the first patch of poison oak we found. My boss was up in a tree and hollered down that he´d found a “real test case” and said he´d be the ginnypig. He rubbed it all over his hands and arms. Was I ever scared! I was afraid he´d kill me flit didn´t work. All day I literally washed my hands with every poison I could find. The next day, both my boss and I did not have one irritated spot on our skin.

This stuff is really a life-saver for our crew. You will never imagine the suffering it has saved us. When I go to work now, it´s more important to me than my water jug.

Cody Murdock
Wilsonville, Oregon

I am a process operator at a major refinery and I have been for 21 years. I am required to wear vinyl or heavy leather gloves as I come into contact with hydrocarbons, caustic and acids. I contracted contact dermatitis or “jungle rot” in Vietnam and still suffer from it today. My condition is aggravated on the job. I started using Chimal six months ago on my hands and feet. I apply it three times to my hands on a 12 hour work shift. I apply it two times daily to my feet, and two times daily to my hands on my days off. I do not use any other medication. My skin condition results in small clusters of blisters and cracking around my finger tips, toes and web of the hand. Chimal therapy has all but cleared the blisters and significantly reduced the cracking. I would say a 90% improvement on the former and 50% on the latter.

Mike Fanning

I would like to express my gratitude to you on your fine product called Skin Shield. I run an on-site childcare center for a major meat packing plant. We currently take care of 16 infants who from time to time develop diaper rash.
One case of diaper rash was so severe that I went to the plant manager on any suggestions on how to get through to the mother to help us treat the rash. He suggested we try your product. I first contacted you on what was in the product and than received parent permission to administrator the product.

After only 3 days the diaper rash and the surrounding skin was showing remarkable improvement. It went from a bright red to a light rose colored rash.

Thank you again on creating a fine product.

Paula Andersen
Child Care Center – IBP, Inc.
Lexington, Nebraska

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