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Barrier Cream Stops Contact Dermatitis!

As we live each day, nature has provided each of us with an extremely efficient protection from external contact with the harsh environment we live in. We call it our SKIN. Our skin is the largest organ in our body. It is capable of absorbing just about everything it comes in contact with. And, it does not discriminate. Our skin is our first line of defense against external contact.

While our skin enjoys some very pleasant contact, it is unfortunate that it also encounters some extremely harmful exposure that we must defend against. Common household products, acids, paints, scrubbing solutions, harsh chemicals. bodily fluids and excretions, pollution in our water, air, soil, construction by-products, as well as toxins, toxic chemicals and mutated agents assault us each day.

Given the severity and extensity of these dangerous and disgusting assaults, it is understandable that our skin could use a little help: a SHIELD!

Protects like a Liquid Glove

Chimal Skin Shield provides an invisible, non-toxic, non-greasy skin barrier cream that provides unequaled protection for any and all skin areas. We have combined a silicone compound with humectants (for moisturizing dry chapped skin) to form an invisible, non-obtrusive barrier that seals in moisture while it seals out caustic and toxic elements.

Contact Dermatitis

Protects your skin from the substances that cause Contact Dermatitis. Chimal Skin Shield is a flexible, invisible, non-slippery material that is applied to the skin that will not let harsh chemicals or biological agents make contact with your skin.

The Ultimate Skin Protection

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